Descent 3 full review

Fans of Outrage Entertainment’s first two Decent games will love its latest release. Descent 3 (£34, Softline 01372 726 333) starts where version 2 left off – with your ship drifting in deepest space. As before, you navigate your craft around labyrinthine, subterranean levels and get into shoot-outs in confined spaces. The missions in Descent 3 are more absorbing than the old mine-based search-and-destroy gameplay. Storylines are more involving and complex. Not only do you have to dodge oncoming trains and avoid enemy outposts as they explode around your ears, but there are keys to be found too. The choice of weapons is also wonderful – the napalm cannon is a pearler. Descent 3’s enemy robots are scarier than ever. Some now know when they’re outgunned, and run for help, while others are mad-dog mean and will look to tear you apart. The thiefbot is sneakier than ever, and will nick your weapons at the drop of a bionic hat. Descent 3’s powerful graphics engine means the game looks better than its predecessors, and can venture outdoors.
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