Font Tools 7 Review

Designers take fonts very seriously – and so they should. Picking the right face can make or break a layout or logo. That’s why it’s important for professionals and enthusiastic amateurs to keep a comprehensive catalogue of fonts to hand. The thing is, when you have a large font library it’s difficult to keep track of it. That’s where Font Tools 7 can help.

Available in a budget ‘basic’ edition as well as the standard version, Font Tools is a suite of applications that will help you manage, organise, print and preview your fonts. It’s been around for a while, offering these features to type-hungry designers on the Mac since 1998. Loyal users will enjoy features like a new preview pane, colour-coded layouts and automatic detection of image fonts.

Font Tools creates a Visual Font Database of installed typefaces at start-up, displaying a window listing all the fonts on your system complete with a live preview. From there, you can go through the list sorting them into predefined categories either one by one or by searching for specific font families. These categorisation tools are only the tip of Font Tool’s iceberg though, with a handy panel that lets you switch between other applications in the bundle. Font Samples gives you a full paragraph preview of any selected face, for example, while the Font Comparison pane enables you to compare text samples side by side.


The full edition ships with Type Book Creator, a document creation tool that helps you make comprehensive sample sheets from your installed fonts. This is a particularly handy tool for designers working in print – as having a hard copy to hand can make all the difference when you’re on a tight deadline and the look needs to be right.

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