Synchronise Pro X 5.0.06 full review

For those new to backup applications, Synchronise Pro X makes copies of selected data (files, settings) to a destination of your choosing. It does this incrementally, saving only the data that has changed. This means that after you’ve initially backed up a target machine you can make quick daily backups, maintaining a current mirror of your files and data at all times. It’s a smart idea for anyone, but is particularly recommended if you store a lot of work or contact data on your Mac.

Where Synchronise Pro differs from others tools is the range of destinations you can select to back up data. If you can see the drive you want to save to on your desktop, you can backup to it with Synchronise Pro. This software will also backup to any network-connected machine, including Windows clients via Samba and FireWire connected hard drives. You can also back up data to file-shares over the internet.

In a typical scenario, you might take some files home from work on a notebook, backing them up using Synchronise Pro X. After you’ve tweaked them at home, you use the application to synchronise the two machines. Your work machine will be updated to reflect the changes you made to your files.

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