Deus Ex full review

It’s been a while since Mac gamers were given something they could really sink their teeth into. Now they have Deus Ex, the latest offering from Aspyr. You play the part of Agent JC Denton, a cybernetically-enhanced law-enforcer from UNATCO, the UN’s anti-terrorist coalition. The mission: to infiltrate and expose a fiendish plot to steal supplies of an essential vaccine. This game is huge – after an entire weekend, I ‘d barely scratched the surface. The initial training session teaches all the fundamentals needed – from basic movement and navigation, to weapons. Based on this, you can choose the path Denton will take – either the Arnie approach, with guns and explosives, or Bond style, creeping around in the shadows, and picking enemies off with sniper rifles and tranquilliser darts. In addition to the standard array of weapons, there’s the ability to add augmentations to Denton’s body at various points during the game to supplement his physical performance. The controls are complex at first, but become clearer after a bit of playing. A godsend was the ability to control Denton’s viewing direction with the mouse, while using the keyboard to control his movements. Enemies pop-up in all directions, and this “eyes in the back of your head” tactic will save your skin on many occasions. Before starting a new game, you must choose your character’s skills (technical, weapons, strength, for instance), and appearance . Then, it’s in at the deep end, with an infiltration and rescue mission. This is the best way to cut your teeth if training seems too dull. The graphics are amazing. Even when playing in full-screen mode motion is smooth and fast. However, a beefier video-card than the standard Rage-128 found in G3 and G4 Macs is needed to get the most from the game. The system requirements are a bit of a jaw-dropper – 150MB of hard-disk space for a minimum install, and a whopping 640MB for the full install. You’ll also need a minimum of 128MB RAM.
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