Disc Burner full review

Disc Burner reviewed With Mac OS 9.1 (see pages 54-55) and a new downloadable system utility called Disc Burner, Apple has a new method of burning CDs. To create a CD, insert a blank disc in the CD drive. In the dialog box that appears, enter a name for the disc and select the format (HFS+, iTunes, or MP3 CD) you want to create. An icon for the CD will appear on the desktop. You can then drag files and folders to the icon – in exactly the same way that you’d add files to another hard disk or Zip disk. When you’re finished, select the disc and choose Burn CD from the Special menu. It’s that simple, and surprisngly fast. Disc Burner creates single-session discs. Once you create a CD, any unused space on the disc cannot be reused or recovered. This means that you must use an application, such as Roxio’s Toast, if you’re burning multisession rewritable discs. At the moment, Disc Burner works only with the CD-RWs built-into these new Power Macs, as well as the top-end model’s SuperDrive. Apple has promised to add drivers for the most popular third-party Mac-compatible CD recorders within the next two months. As soon as it does, there’ll be little reason to not upgrade older Macs to OS 9.1 – unless you rely on multisession CD-RWs. You can download Disc Burner (Int’l-English) for free from: http://asu.info.apple.com/swupdates.nsf/artnum/n11966.
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