Eizo FlexScan S2242W full review

With everyone watching their budget at the moment, the arrival of the FlexScan S2242W is timely. To create this monitor, Eizo has essentially shoehorned a 24in monitor’s specifications into a 22in shell, allowing the company to offer it for a very reasonable price. Eizo says that the display can also save you up to 10 per cent of desk space – but price is the main reason to purchase the S2242W.

This monitor has the same 1,920 x 1,200 resolution as 24in to 27in displays, so the S2242W’s pixels are closer together than its rivals. This makes it less ergonomic to use, as you have to sit closer to it than you do to a larger display.

The FlexScan S2242W looks rather cheap next to monitors such as NEC’s MultiSync LCD2690WUXi2 (below) – there’s a lack of finesse to its design. The line of buttons along the lower part of its bezel is initially mysterious, presenting a jumble of letters and numbers whose purpose isn’t immediately apparent. Once you get into the menu system, there are far more controls than you’d expect on a £470 monitor – including gamma, gain and colour temperature presets from 4,000K to 10,000K.

The menu system allows you to turn on the Auto EcoView feature, which uses a light sensor to adjust brightness to the optimum for the lighting at your desk. This is designed more to save energy than keep your display’s colours accurate, as raising or lowering the brightness can throw out any calibration you’ve done.

We created a profile for the monitor using a DataColor Spyder3Elite calibrator and brought the resulting ICM file into Chromix ColorThink to inspect it. We saw quite a change from using the provided profile to our calibration – though this was mainly a drop in brightness rather than a huge colour shift. Our tests showed that the S2242W’s gamut was expansive considering the price, though obviously not as good as higher-end models.

The S2242W has only one DVI input, but considering the price we won’t complain too much. If you have a second computer for production or rendering or other tasks than don’t require great monitor output, there’s a VGA port as well.

Eizo has bundled a bare minimum of software with the S2242W. There are a couple of tools that replicate the monitor’s OSD, but these are Windows only. We even had to download the standard colour profile from the Eizo website.

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