Parrot Photo Viewer 7" full review

Bluetooth transfer and a good resolution make this a superb means of framing your digital prints.

Parrot has a line of Bluetooth devices, so not surprisingly its leather-bound 7in photo viewer includes Bluetooth connectivity. Thanks to Bluetooth it took only 4.28 seconds to transfer 10 images to the device, considerably less than other frames that rely on USB for transfer – the next fastest frame took 26 seconds to receive the same 10 images. There is no USB or card option with this frame, but for those who don’t have Bluetooth the frame ships with a dongle.

Picture quality is good, with a screen resolution of 720 x 480 pixels, slightly fewer than the other 7in frames on test. This is because this frame isn’t actually 7in at all. Despite the product being called the 7” Viewer we found it to measure 6.1in.

Navigation is key and in the case of the Parrot it is all about simplicity. There are just three buttons on the
back of the screen: left, right and enter, but the interface was well thought out and one of the easiest to use.

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