AG Neovo X-W22 full review

AG Neovo is one of the more recent names in the world of monitor design, and it seems to be taking a fresh approach.

The X-W22 is similar to its H-W22 model, in that it’s a 22in widescreen monitor housed in a slimline case. It’s a stylish-looking unit with a small 14mm bezel and low stand. One slight niggle of the stand is that it lacks any vertical adjustment and will therefore be positioned quite low down on your desk.

The quality of the display is superb, with rich blacks and strong colours. During our test movie skin tones looked natural and contrast was good. It also rendered text crisply in a Word document. It is, however, a glossy display, so it may not be the ideal choice for designers. AG Neovo is at pains to point out that the NeoV Optical Glass has anti-reflective properties, however, which is a plus for design work.

On the technical side, it sports a wide array of connections including analogue, digital, S-Video and composite video. So you can attach pretty much any source to the X-W22.

It’s well built for displaying high-definition video thanks to built-in HDCP (high-bandwidth digital copy protection). This is a technology developed by Intel that can render high-definition video unwatchable unless the screen has HDCP built into it. This means that you’ll be able to connect a Blu-ray player to the monitor and it will play back the video. Because Blu-ray hasn’t been announced for the Mac yet, we’re unsure as to the value of this function for the Mac owner, but if you’re planning on connecting a Blu-ray player (or PS3) to your monitor it is wise to get one with this technology. To further it’s high-definition credentials, the X-W22 ships with a DVI-to-HDMI adaptor.

The X-W22’s key feature, though, is the toughened optical glass of the display. This makes the monitor pretty much bullet-proof (or at least child and general public proof). Consequently, the X-W22 is a good choice for education establishments, or for computers used in a public area (internet cafes, libraries, etc). It also sports a VESA standard wall mount, so it could be used as a wall display.

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