Diva laptop bags


When we reviewed laptop bags in our January and February issue, we found a wide variety of briefcases, backpacks and shoulder bags – and rated them on style, protection, storage and comfort. Scoring highly on style and comfort were a range of bags from Australian company STM, which has now released a new series called Diva. Diva doesn’t look like any other laptop bag out there. It more closely resembles a large handbag, old-school sports or flight bag. Its style points for a laptop bag go off the scale, but its storage and protection ratings don’t suffer. Inside the top-loading bag there’s a zipped, padded enclosure for the laptop, and numerous interior compartments for accessories, papers and the usual case-fillers. It even comes with its own separate slip-case wallet for make-up or cables. Because it doesn’t look like a laptop bag, Diva makes it less likely you’ll be mugged for your technology. It’s available in black leather (pricey at £115 including VAT, but top quality) or charcoal pvc (£55), and will accommodate laptops with 12-inch to 15-inch screens. Whether it’s suitable for both men and women is a point of some debate. David Beckham would get away with it, and men from continental Europe probably wouldn’t have any problems being seen around town with it. Its long handles may put off less-reconstructed men, who’d fear looking like a Dick Emery character with this hanging from their arm.
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