DO$H Cashbook full review

OK, so you’ve got the business plan approved and you’re ready to give it a go as a sole trader. But you’re terrible at bookkeeping. You’re doomed. Help may be at hand from the oddly named DO$H Cashbook. It’s a low-cost bookkeeping program aimed at small businesses. In a departure from the normal cost-cutting practices of developers, DO$H Software has remembered to include a sturdy ring-bound manual, with clear instructions on how to get started organizing your finances. There’s a helpful Apple Guide – so it’s clear this is not just a port from the PC – and a tutorial to get you up and running. Another plus point is that it’s clearly aimed at the UK business-user, with a corresponding understanding of, and adherence to, British accounting practices. The software uses codes to identify types of receipts and statements. These are set up according to the type of business you select when you begin for the first time – sole trader, limited company or partnership. You can use the supplied codes, import others or set some up yourself, but always before entering any data into your cashbook. You can also edit and modify existing codes and select which items are liable for inclusion in your VAT account, if you have one. All items that you then enter are tagged with your codes and a description, enabling the package to work its magic. There is an area for entering receipt and payments details of your customers and suppliers in a similar way to the codes, but DO$H Cashbook also builds up a list of these details on the fly while you are inputting cashbook receipts and payments, storing them for future use. When making a cashbook entry, DO$H offers a pop-up list of commonly used abbreviations for bank transactions, such as BGC and INT. Codes are also offered in this handy fashion, adding to the idiot-proof feel of the package. Another useful item in the cashbook entry dialog is the ability to add a number of receipts from a single transaction in the sub-entries pop-up. This keeps everything organized and together, instead of having multiple entries in your cashbook from the same transaction. DO$H of course offers the user the chance to view a summary of transactions of the cashbook at any point, making it easy to see where the money in your account is coming from and going to.
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