Draw Something by OMGPOP full review

Draw Something from OMGPop is confusing. It’s not too confusing to play, mind you – although it doesn’t offer much in the way of instructions or tutorials before thrusting you into the action. Rather, the game is confusing because, despite a whole host of flaws, it’s still impressively fun.

Here’s the gist of the game. You are presented with three objects. You pick one, and then draw it. Later, your friend will see your drawing and try to guess what it is. The guessing is made a bit simpler by virtue of the fact that Draw Something provides both the length of the word to guess and 12 letters to pick from. Then your friend draws a picture for you, to keep the game going. When it’s your turn again, you get to watch your friend guess, to see just how far into your masterpiece you needed to get before your artwork was identifiable.The game is collaborative, not competitive, so rather than competing against your drawing partner, your only goal is to keep the game going.

There are, however, a few problems. Sometimes, we received push notifications indicating that it was our turn to guess, but there was nothing to indicate this within the app itself. Sometimes force-quitting Draw Something from the multitasking bar and relaunching it again resolved this problem; at others only waiting worked.

The game offers no useful history; we couldn’t look back and see past drawings, or save favourite creations, or share them with the internet at large. And you can’t always appreciate your friends’ great drawings, either: often, you’ll end up guessing the word early in the drawing process, but your friend will have added plenty of further detail. Draw Something flashes the finished picture very briefly after you guess correctly, but automatically advances to the next screen without letting you appreciate the drawing. 

But perhaps worst of all for a game focused on drawing is that the drawing interface itself is imprecise, with a couple of limitations. There’s one small pen size that’s too small, while the larger pens are too big, and the virtual ink doesn’t show up right where it should.

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