Drive 10 full review

Using a new operating system like Mac OS X is scary. Although I’ve been using it for months, and OS X is pretty stable, there aren’t many disk utilities to get me out of trouble. Not that I’ve had any problems, but a safety net is always reassuring. Thankfully Micromat has introduced Drive 10, a disk utility designed for OS X. Drive 10’s interface is the prettiest since Norton Utilities got the animated Dr Norton playing DJ with your disks. Using the application couldn’t be more straightforward. Simply select your drive and hit start. You can control which tests Drive 10 runs, but you may as well leave it with the default – which turns on all the available options. As Drive 10 goes through its testing routines, it shows visual representations of the tests. As each test is completed, the icons slide to the left, and the next one is magnified as it goes about its business. Drive 10 found no problems – better than Norton’s paranoid proclamations of doom. Unfortunately though, without any problems for it to fix, it’s difficult to evaluate Drive 10’s effectiveness. However, Micromat has a history of making disk utilities, so it’s safe to assume it will fix most problems. Even when a drive won’t boot at all, Drive 10 can help. You can boot from the CD into a cut-down OS X. This allows for more serious repairs to your drive, without using the installed system – making recovery more likely. Micromat is best known for its TechTool Pro, which has been a rugged alternative to Norton Utilities for some time – and is updated quicker. If this is anything to go by, Drive 10 will be a winner.
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