EarthDesk 2.0 full review

It's one thing to know in principle that people in other parts of the world are heading out to happy hour as you're waking up with the sun; it's quite another to see it happening. EarthDesk 2.0 makes a real-time map of the world on your Mac desktop, so you can see the sun rising or setting across the globe. The extensive preference pane lets you choose the type of map projection you'd like to display (the 11 options include Mercator, Robinson, and Globe), and the lighting you'd like - full moon or no moon. You can add favourite cities to a list and choose to centre the map on one of those, or set the map to always centre on wherever the global sunrise or moonrise lines are. The image updates regularly; you set the frequency. We have one complaint: although we listed several cities as our favourites, EarthDesk let us centre the map on only one. It would have been nice to see all our favourites called out on the map.
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