Earth Envi full review

Earth Envi by Open Door Networks, serves up web-based images of planet Earth on the iPhone and iPod touch. It serves no purpose, really, other than to look at gorgeous images on a small screen.

The app gives you access to classic NASA images from Apollo missions in the 1960s and 70s, as well as satellite photos captured this week. It’s part of the iEnvision group of web-based photo browsers, and is one of several space-related Envi apps.

Earth Envi collects hundreds of images from numerous sources and assembles them into slide shows broken down by topic and date. You can browse dozens of groups, such as ‘Images of the Day,’ and global climate maps showing natural disasters, changes in Arctic ice and other wonders of the world. It’s a bit slow, and could do with some captions, but looking at views from space does provide a striking diversion.

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