The Guardian Eyewitness full review

The Guardian Eyewitness is a beautifully simple photography-centric app from The Guardian newspaper. The app feels highly reminiscent of the popular and inspiring large-scale photo blog The Big Picture – and that can only be a good thing.

The app showcases 100 recent photos from professional photographers, ranging from hard news imagery (“A gas-masked demonstrator throws projectiles at riot police near the Greek parliament”) to human-interest pictures (“A Portuguese man o’ war and its escort of fish”). Each image looks unsurprisingly gorgeous, vividly displayed full-screen on the iPad.

As you browse, you can flip between the image’s caption, and a so-called Pro Tip that provides an insight into how the photographer captured the image. We’re not sure just how pro these tips really are (“The photographer has not used flash for this night shot, instead relying on the available backlighting to produce long silhouettes”), but they’re certainly interesting to enthusiastic amateurs.

Browsing photos in Eyewitness is simple; you can swipe, play a slideshow, or view a list of thumbnails to find a specific image. The app also makes it easy to share photos via email, Twitter or Facebook. You can’t save one of these copyrighted images to your iPad – unless you know how to take a screenshot.

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