I Love Design for iPhone review

Websites ilovedesign.com and yourowndesigner.com, promoted and owned by desktop publishing company Quark, are two useful online communities for those looking to break into the creative industries. Essentially a platform to showcase your handiwork, the sites attract a range of talent from enthusiasts to experienced designers. The popular gallery section allows members to share new and favourite work, comment on others’ efforts and network with fellow creative types.

The I Love Design app brings the website to iPhone and iPod touch users, promising the main features found on the site. Absent for reasons well documented by Apple and Adobe, is the gallery of Flash-based work, which is a pity. The rest of the gallery remains intact, but while it’s easy to navigate, it lacks the impact of viewing online. The iPhone and iPod touch aren’t the ideal platforms for viewing artwork of any kind. However, the iPad clearly has great potential for visuals, turning I Love Design into a portable portfolio.


A news feed aims to keep users in touch with what’s happening, although there are busier, more productive design portals available online. Quark insists that you don’t need to sign up to make use of I Love Design, but without contributing you’ll start to feel more of a voyeur than creative participant.

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