Kirstie and Phil's House Hunter full review

If you’re a fan of Location Location Location and looking for a new home, Kirstie and Phil’s House Hunter could be the next best thing to having the pair conduct the search for you.

The app is split into four sections: Guide, Properties, Tools and Search. The Guide takes you right through the house buying process, from organising your finances to moving in.

In the Properties section you can list what you’re looking for in your ideal home and the search tool, powered by property site Zoopla, will use this list to filter results. The Search actually offers more refinements than Zoopla’s website. Using the ‘5 star criteria’ really narrows down search results – perhaps too much when looking in a small area. You can also categorise properties that interest you under Love, Like or Can’t Decide.   

The Tools tab contains a budget calculator, a torch (for looking into “dark corners and cupboards”) and the facility to share with Facebook and Twitter friends.

Let TV’s Kirstie and Phil help you find the perfect property with this handy house hunting app

It’s true that you can find everything contained in this app online for free, and it won’t be much help if the buying process doesn’t go smoothly. But it’s undeniably handy having a buyers’ guide, property search and budget calculator in one portable place. You can keep your own notes and photos in it too.

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