The Typography Manual for iPhone review

Any designer worth their weight in beans will agree that typography is an extremely important part of what they do – not to mention an essential piece of your daily life. The art of arranging type is a deep and involved process, covering everything from simply choosing a font to settling on type placement and the proper use of glyphs.

The Typography Manual looks to provide you with every point of reference you would need at your fingertips to become a master typographer. The £2.39 application offers two menus: a manual and a set of resources. The former provides what you’d expect from a typography text book – a history of type, the basic rules, classifications, adjustments, properties of both print and web type, guides for proper punctuation, and specimens of important typefaces. The app also provides a healthy amount of visual examples for all of the above.

The resources portion of Typography Manual is where to head for conversion tables, size calculators, HTML codes for special characters, keyboard shortcuts, type foundries, standard banner sizes, useful websites, inspiration, and links to blogs.

As you’d expect from an application for designers, The Typography Manual is very well organised and a pleasure to use. From the visual examples to the dynamic calculators, the app gives all the information you need to understand the terminology, going above and beyond the basics.


We recommend this application to designers as well as anyone who wants to improve their written documentation. While there are plenty of great books on the topic, the convenience of having so much information in your pocket is priceless. The more we use The Typography Manual, the more we fall in love with it and find fascinating bits of information we never knew we needed. Pick up a copy of the app today and you may find yourself using Helvetica Extra Light, just to be fancy.

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