WikiHow for iPhone full review

Learning how to do something is easy if you know where to look for instructions – and if you have a Mac with an internet connection. But on the iPhone tutorials are harder to come by.

This app taps into the power of the how-to website and shows step-by-step instructions with photos and the occasional video.

For the most part, WikiHow is an indispensable tool. We found tutorials on how to play drums, tune a guitar and make a vegan dessert without any trouble. In a few cases, the videos won’t play on the iPhone.

The app has icons for a survival kit, featured how-tos, your own bookmarks, searching, and settings. The settings button lets you configure fonts and delete the cache. You can even shake your mobile device to summon a random how-to.

That said, the how-to encyclopaedia is not exhaustive. A few how-tos are not available – we tried to find one on testing audio latency in a home recording studio, for example. WikiHow did not find one, but a Google search revealed the answer quickly. WikiHow is not that different from using your iPhone browser but more limited. And the instructions are not 100 per cent reliable. Details for how to increase the speed of a wireless router forgot to mention that you should turn off devices that cause congestion – such as a microwave. The app also does not allow you to create your own how-tos from the iPhone.

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