Monochrome full review

There are some great little apps in the Mac App Store that you would never get to see through traditional retails channels. Then there’s other apps, like Monochrome, that you wonder why they are even there at all.

This is a package to convert your colour photos to monochrome so to be successful has to offer far more than Photoshop or any other cheaper photo editing software package or plug-in. Alas it doesn’t, and yet it costs just over £20 as well. What you actually get are five conversion methods plus a custom option. Three of the options don’t have any parameters or variations in how they work and so can be discarded straight away. The other two are an RGB mixer with presets and a HSL mixer which has red, yellow, green, cyan, blue and magenta channels. That’s great, but there’s already more than that in Photoshop’s Black and White filter.

The RGB mixer is the main chance to shine, though it only has three colour channels. However, the presets don’t really make much of this. It’s more likely that you’ll need to go to the next section which covers the tonal range. Here you can make adjustments to contrast, black and white points, shadows and highlights, gamma and brightness. There are also some basic filters for sharpening, blur, sepia, toning and posterizing. 

The conversion options are seriously lacking so you’ll need to use the tonal range options to enhance the image

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