Enigmo full review

Pangea Software has a well-earned reputation for making kid-friendly, yet extremely compelling games. Games such as Cro-Mag Rally, Bugdom, Nanosaur and OttoMatic have been great successes. Enigmo is its first real puzzle game. Each level features at least one dripping bottle. You have a number of tools such as drums, pipes, and sponges. The object is to get the drips into the correct receptacle by bouncing and guiding the drips in increasingly complex mazes. There isn’t that much more to it, but it’s fun and challenging. As you progress, you find that you have other liquids to guide, such as oil and molten metal. Different types of material react differently to the liquids. Gameplay is excellent, but I found that after a few days of playing it, I had reached the end. Only 50 levels left me feeling a bit short-changed – but then I realised that there were more on the Enigmo Web site. In fact, you can make your own levels and upload them. There are over 300 excellent levels already there.
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