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find-DVD is an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch friendly version of the popular website promising to find the cheapest deals on DVDs and Blu-rays. The shopping comparison site can find bargains you might otherwise miss on well-known sites such as Amazon, Asda, HMV, Play, Tesco and Woolworths, as well as lesser-known online retailers. Giving the chance to compare prices in one place, it also saves time trawling the Internet for the chance to save a few pennies or pounds.

Available for both iPad and iPhone and iPod touch, find-DVD benefits from the larger screen on Apple's tablet device, especially as the app links to online retailers without the need to be constantly opening Safari.  Those sites are rarely formatted for the smaller screen so zooming is required, particularly on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Find-DVD iPad app

Users can search via title, actor, director and genre, along with the choice of DVD or Blu-ray, and when available UMD and HD DVD. Results are listed with a brief summary and review, list of main actors, director, publisher and category. That information isn't always 100 per cent correct, with The Simpsons Movie, for instance, listed as 'Documentary.' Retailers are listed with logos for easy reference, cheapest to most expensive, with details on any delivery costs included in the price description.

Users can research US pricing within the same app, although the makers make it clear prices don't include free delivery to UK destinations. find-DVD also gives those who like the ability to check prices regularly a chance to save and view recent searches via a history option. A recent software update adds the ability to email and post DVDs on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Delicious, Tumbler, Pinboard and Read It, should you wish to drop hints about that birthday or Christmas present. 

Find-DVD iPad app

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