LEGO Photo for iPhone full review

If you don't love LEGO, you don't love life. The classic children's toy has engaged many bright minds and still tops the best-seller lists come Christmas time. The physical building bricks have also transferred well to the digital world, producing a range of best-selling video games staring Batman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and others.

LEGO Photo isn't a game as such, but a lot of fun is to be had creating LEGO-styled images from your iPhone or iPod touch photos. The process is simple and very child friendly; just select the image and off you go. You can create endless variations based on the same photo, although results appear to deteriorate the more times you refresh the image. LEGO suggests you select photos shot at close range with light-coloured solid backgrounds to get the best results.

Those results can be saved to iPhoto and shared via email so you can spread the fun. You can, of course, share LEGO images on your favourite social networking site, something that LEGO encourages. A recent software update now ensures that those images you do want to keep and share are saved at a higher resolution.

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