Night of the Living Dead for iPhone full review

Night of the Living Dead for iPhone and iPod touch isn't the latest Zombie themed small screen shoot 'em up but the classic George A. Romero 1968 shocker. The black-and-white low budget - just $114,000 - film has rightly gained cult status and is unusual for having a black lead actor cast as a non-ethnic lead for the first time.

Having somehow lapsed into the public domain, Night of the Living Dead has been released many times over the years, given away with newspapers and magazines and is available to view online free. Enter iPhone developer LoL Software who offer the full film for a cheap and cheerful 59p.

You could of course convert the film yourself with any number of tools available for Mac users but downloading the 392 MB application is at least as convenient and hassle free assuming you have a decent Wi-fi connection. The 40 year plus old film looks a little rough around the edges but is perfectly acceptable for viewing on iPhone or iPod touch.

The application's extras include brief background information on the film cribbed from Wikipedia, a link to the Rotten Tomatoes film news feed and LoL website, all of which you can live without. The company offers similar applications for a range of adventure, cowboy, horror, sci-fi and comedy cultish films, including ancient Charlie Chaplin shorts and Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

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