SAS Survival Guide full review

Americans are increasingly sedentary and suburbanized - a far cry from their hardy, pioneering forebears who settled wild lands. For the rest of us, though, offers SAS Survival Guide, a £3.99 app packed with information and features that will be fun even for urban couch-dwellers.

The core of the app is an electronic version of the best-selling SAS Survival Guide Handbook by John “Lofty” Wiseman, a veteran of the British Special Air Services. Wiseman offers advice on how to camp, survive and thrive in polar, desert and other challenging environments.

SAS Survival Guide

SAS Survival Guide

What makes the guide come alive, though, are the other cool features: Quizzes testing your survival knowledge; photo and video galleries that take you step-by-step through activities like building fires and setting up camps; a compass; and—neatest of all—the ability to type out and convert emergency messages to Morse code, using light flashes to signal other nearby adventurers. (A free lite version of the app offers some basic survival information along with photo galleries, a survival checklist, and one of the 16 videos you’ll find on the £3.99 version. Needless to say, the paid offering provides much deeper content.)

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