Veetle for iOS devices full review

Veetle has been around as a video sharing website for some time but hasn't always been iOS friendly, with only a fraction of channels available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Now a dedicated app for both Apple and Android devices aims to fix that. On launch users get the option to sign up with email, connect with Facebook or simply 'Try As a Guest.' 

'Popular' and 'New' channels are available from a menu at the top of the screen, while other options, shown at the bottom, include 'Explore,' 'Categories,' and 'Go Live.' Those categories include animation, comedy, education, entertainment, gaming, music, news, shows, sports and religion. These appear to be user defined categories so it's hit or miss exploring them, although a Search function comes in handy. 


What's available for viewing falls into two distinct categories - user generated content of often dubious quality and TV, film and sports streaming. The first option ranges from the fun - amateur hour singing, dancing and general fooling around - to the more mundane and bizarre - people sleeping or staring maniacally into their phones. Democracy in broadcasting maybe, but it's a far cry from what John Logie Baird no doubt envisaged. How much of this you would ever want to watch more than once, or briefly, is debatable. Should you wish to add to all this, you do so by simply clicking the 'Go Live' button. 


Veetle's second category is clearly the more appealing, with semi-regular channels devoted to popular TV shows, along with sporting events and feature films. None of this appears to be sanctioned by the relevant broadcasters so you can find your viewing quickly curtailed. Frustratingly, Veetle appears to lack any vetting so many promised broadcasts are simply links to blogs and dodgy sites full of even dodgier ads.

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