Euro Hyphenator XT 2.1.2 full review

If you work with QuarkXPress and foreign languages, especially those with which you’re unfamiliar, you’ll be all too aware of the problems with hyphenation. Generally, there are three solutions. You could purchase QuarkXPress Passport, but the price hit is painful, especially if you need multiple copies as would be the case with a publishing house. Using a dictionary is a second option, though hyphenation is often not shown. And, of course, you could turn off hyphenation altogether – and end up with one German word per line. A better solution is Euro Hyphenator XT 2.1.2, a QuarkXTension that handles the hyphenation for 13 languages: the main European ones (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese), Scandinavian (Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish) and Afrikaans. Additionally, it supports offshoots such as US English, Swiss French and German, and Basque and Catalan Spanish. In short, it will work with most of the European languages you’re likely to encounter. Dutch roots
So how can a small XTension offer this? It uses a linguistic pattern recognition system developed by *TALO, a Dutch-based organization. Developed by Lenie Woestenburg-Van Hees and her husband Jaap Woestenburg with the intention of creating a Dutch hyphenation system (which was integrated into WordPerfect in 1985), *TALO does not focus on specific words, working instead with their roots. Each language module has two elements. There’s the standard algorithm from which the hyphenations are derived, and, additionally, each module has an associated exception list that a user can add to. Such a list can also be imported. For instance, you may wish to hyphenate capitalized words but exclude certain place names. The exception list will deal with this. A multi-user copy of the software can also store a central exceptions list for sharing between users. Accessible via the Utilities menu, Euro Hyphenator can have a document-based hyphenation keyboard shortcut allocated to it. Alternatively, a text box, selection or specific word can be hyphenated, the latter through Quark’s standard -H shortcut. So with the International-English module, Quark users have an immediate replacement for the standard Quark US-English dictionary – a useful by-product. Other settings include the usual ones: smallest permissible word plus minimum number of words before/after hyphenation. For Passport users, Euro Hyphenator has another useful feature – the ability to switch between language modules automatically within the same document.
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