Eventide Clockworks Legacy Bundle full review

The Eventide Clockworks Legacy Bundle includes faithful recreations of three classic analogue and two digital studio effects – the Instant Phaser, the Instant Flanger, the Omnipressor, and the H910 and H949 Harmonizers. Back in 1971, Eventide developed the Instant Phaser. This effect had previously been produced using two tape machines playing the same material with the outputs of both mixed together. The speed of one was cyclically reduced and then returned to normal by holding a finger on the edge (or flange) of the tape reel. The effect has been compared to that of a swooshing of a jet engine, and was also named flanging. The Instant Phaser takes a mono input and creates a stereo output with the left and right outputs out-of-phase with respect to one another, producing a wonderful stereo effect – much better than other phasers I’ve used. The Instant Flanger, released in 1976, simulates true tape flanging including the bounce of the motor that occurred as the tape machine changed speeds during flanging. Widely used on many famous recordings, it produces an even heavier stereo effect – perfect for Hendrix-style guitar processing. Originally described as a “professional-quality dynamic modifier”, the Omnipressor rapidly became a popular studio-dynamics controller, offering effects ranging from noise-gates to reverse-sound envelopes. The plug-in comes with some great presets that instantly get you started. The H910 was the first harmonizer – and one of the first commercially available digital-audio products. The plug-in captures all the realism of the original, including its glitching as it modifies the pitch. We’re talking serious sci-fi effects here, with the H910 capable of adding a subtle widening effect to a Fender Rhodes or turning singers into the Chipmunks. The H949, which debuted shortly after the H910, was the world’s first de-glitched Harmonizer – and was one of the first multi-effects units. Besides pitch change, it also featured Micro and Random pitch, Delay, Flange and Reverse modes. Used with a tape recorder, it also made time-expansion and compression possible for the first time. Put your mix through the Fast Slaps preset to hear how the H949 can create gorgeous groups of short slap delays that autopan around the stereo field.
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