Exposure 4 full review

Here’s a lesson in how to take one of the best film stock plug-in filters and make it an out and out essential.

Exposure 4 offers a large range of film stocks from Velvia 50 to Kodak T-Max as well as various cross-processed and lo-fi looks. These include toy camera simulations like Lomo, complete with light leaks and blur from plastic lenses. To start, the previous Exposure 3 ran in two separate interfaces, one for mono, one for colour. Thankfully they have all been combined now and also, hovering over a stock or effect produces an instant thumbnail preview.

Exposure did have a good range of dust and dirt effects but they were predictable and not that convincing. Well, the grunge engine has been completely reworked so those elements look much more natural, there’s a randomising function to give vast variety to how they are applied and there’s much more in the way of light leaks, borders, plates, damage, ageing and bleaching.

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