EyeTV Wonder USB 2.0 full review

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could watch television on your iMac? Elgato has released the EyeTV Wonder USB 2.0, which fixes that problem. The hardware itself is produced by ATI, but it works with the Mac due to Elgato’s software. It’s a small box that includes a digital tuner and connectsvia USB 2.0.

While Elgato’s other TV tuner product, EyeTV, records TV programmes, the EyeTV Wonder is really more suited to watching TV live. It also makes it possible to connect a games console to your Mac. It might sound like an odd thing to want to do but if you are in student digs or a small flat, a space-saving device like this is great. If you have a 20-inch iMac why spend money on an additional screen for your TV?

Picture quality is excellent due to the digital tuner. However, it might be worth buying additional speakers as the iMac speakers aren’t designed to blast out at people sitting away from the screen. It isn’t just the iMac that supports the EyeTV Wonder, any Mac with USB 2.0 will work. So if you want to plug it into your PowerBook you could have a fold-away television.

The box is pretty ugly, but it can be hidden out of sight. There’s no antenna included, but it will work with any set-top antenna if the signal is strong enough. For best results, you’ll need to attach an external antenna.

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