Fan and PSU Power Mac

For some time, the noise of the first edition of mirrored drive-door G4 machines has been cause for extreme complaint. Users formed petitions and one group went as far as building a Web site to highlight the problem, Apple’s latest Power Macs are not affected. In recent months it seems as though Apple has finally succumbed to the level of complaints, and made available a replacement power supply and fan unit via an exchange program. Full details can be found at generic/index.html. It took about six weeks for our replacement fan and PSU to arrive from Apple – so when they did, we were extremely keen to hear the difference. The kit itself contains a replacement power supply unit, a replacement case fan and a small allen key to aid the removal of the existing power supply. Photocopied instructions are included along with Web links to installation videos, so you shouldn’t have too many problems.


The installation takes roughly an hour to perform. Anyone who’s successfully managed to build flat-packed furniture should find the installation process easy enough. For $19 (roughly £12.50), the replacement power supply and fans are well worth the effort. They reduce the noise level of the system by roughly 50 per cent. While this procedure by no means makes affected G4s the quietest machines on the planet, it certainly eases the pain a little when using it in smaller rooms.

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