Fattenizer 1.0/ Vintavision 1.0 bundle full review

It's got to be a challenge to dream-up unique names for products that do essentially the same thing as the competition. However, Levelground Media appears to have broken new ground with the names for its latest pair of digital-audio plug-ins for applications that use the MOTU Audio System (MAS). Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer is the main application that uses the MAS software ? which provides the link between the Digital Performer and the audio hardware, and also facilitates the use of plug-ins. Fattenizer uses algorithms to fatten audio, enhancing audio tracks, and allowing users to fine-tune the amount of fattening. Vintasion adds vintage-style colouration to audio tracks, and fine-tunes the amount and type of colouration). The plug-ins use 64-bit internal processing to ensure first-rate sound quality. Another unusual feature is that they use two separate processing engines, each of which can be set up to produce different sounds. So, effectively, there are two plug-ins in each package ? and these can be run in series or parallel, doubling the tweaking possibilities. Each processing engine comes loaded with 10 preset effects programs, so with two engines that means up to 100 combinations just by selecting these. Each processing engine also has its own input- and output-level knobs. By feeding different signal levels into each program, you can tailor the sounds from subtle to hard driving distortion and anywhere in between. Fattenizer presets include Pudge, Spare Tire, and Portly, while Vintasion presets include Classy, Old School, and Ripe. The plug-ins are easy to use whatever the skill level. Aimed at both recording musicians and recording engineers, you can use them on individual tracks, or process stereo mixes.
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