Feeder 1.1 full review

When I first tried Feeder I was delighted at the speed and ease in which you can set it up and start publishing RSS feeds in XML. For many Web sites, especially news-related ones, being able to offer a feed is becoming essential: it’s an excellent way to market your offerings as well as letting people now when there’s new content on your site.

Many browsers (such as Firefox and Safari 2.0, found in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger) now offer RSS reader functions. They work in exactly the same way as standalone readers such as NetNewsWire or NewsMac Pro. Sites can be developed to churn out live RSS content feeds from their databases of information – that’s how ours works here at Macworld UK – but if you’re a small company with no budget for such an automated system or even a fledgling Podcaster (see Andy Ihnatko’s column, Macworld June 2005), then Feeder can help you reach potential readers by offering a way to publish your info in XML format via an easy-to-use user interface.

Auto publishing
Although Feeder needs to be manually updated with new items, once you’ve set it up with your server info and templates, it’s quick to publish new items. Feeder 1.1 now supports RSS 2.0, and validates your feed as you preview. Version 1.1 also includes the ability to publish using SFTP, publishing to .Mac sites, and it includes a selection of templates.

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