FileChute 2.5 full review

Emailing large files to clients can be a bit of a lottery. Packets can go missing, mail server inboxes can be filled and many ISPs impose limits on the file sizes you can send. If you’re using your Mac for multimedia, graphic design, music or video production, and you use the internet to deliver your work, FileChute 2.5 could make that process much, much easier.

The same applies if you regularly need to back up files on your machine, but keep track of where they’re located. You can use it to quickly upload media files and even websites to your webspace too.

FileChute is file transfer tool with a difference. When you start it up it configures itself to connect to your iDisk using WebDAV. If you accept the defaults, you can drag and drop files to your .mac space straight away. FileChute uploads files to a specific folder on your iDisk, archiving them in ZIP format if you wish. It then gives you a URL for the uploaded file that you can paste directly into an email.

Of course, you could do all this yourself. You could create a new folder on your iDisk, archive the files you wanted to upload, drag them to the window and then manually type out the URL in an email instead, but FileChute 2.5 does it all much faster.

There are additional features that make it worth a look at. The tool understands FTP and can connect to other WebDAV compatible servers. You just have to configure them manually with the address, username and password. You can set up as many accounts as you like with different profile names. There’s no limit to the file sizes you can transfer.

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