FileZilla 3 full review

FTP tools enable you to transfer files to remote servers. To say that the Mac lacks decent FTP clients would be to severely understate the matter. The best known program Fetch is old fashioned and buggy, while CyberDuck – though broad in standards support – boasts an interface only the programmer’s mother could love.

Counter-intuitive and clunky, they were the best on offer. CyberDuck in particular pops up frequently in free Mac software bloggers “best of” lists. We can see why – with esoteric support for Amazon S3 and Mosso Cloud browsing. But, if it’s simple FTP you’re after, FileZilla is the only tool you need.

That statement’s true regardless of your platform, whether Mac, PC or Linux. Taking inspiration from classic tools like WS FTP, FileZilla offers a simple split-screen interface. This enables you to choose local and remote directories, transferring files by dragging them into place. The remote file system can be edited easily using FileZilla. You can create and delete folders, move them manually and rename files in place. You can even open and edit remote files in designated helper applications. FileZilla uploads the finished version when you’re done.

Ideal for web developers and designers, FileZilla also boasts a Site Management section that enables you to save frequently accessed servers, establishing future connections with a single click. And, if you’re uploading large data files – like audio or video – the built-in file resume feature will come in handy.

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