Filter Quad Rhythmic Multimode Filters full review

Looking for a way to instantly create the kinds of sounds you hear on techno records and as effects in pop and dance music? You need Antares Quad Rhythmic Multimode Filters.

Filter incorporates four stereo filters with lots of control sources and powerful modulation capabilities. Extensive MIDI control is provided, and you can lock all parameters to MIDI clock. Available as an RTAS, MAS or VST plug-in, it makes an ideal partner for Pro Tools, Digital Performer or Cubase users working with loops on rap, techno and other popular music genres.

Each filter has low-, high-, band-pass and notch modes with variable resonance. Each of the four low-frequency oscillators offers a choice of ten waveforms. Four envelope generators can each be triggered by one of the rhythm generators or by MIDI. The two drum-machine-style rhythm generators let you create loop-based grooves or polyrhythms and can be used as control sources in the Mod Matrix or as trigger generators for envelopes. The Modulation Matrix lets you route internal control sources and external MIDI controllers to virtually any of Filter’s key parameters.

This plug-in has one of the most densely packed interfaces I’ve seen – in complete contrast to its stablemate, the Tube, which has just a handful of controls. Nevertheless, due to the effective use of colours, shapes, and groupings, it’s easy to find your way around – especially if you have previous experience of using the filters and modulation controls on an analogue synthesizer. The Graphic Filter Display shows the response curves of active filters and you can adjust frequency and Q by manipulating the filter’s response curve. Matching colours appear on the filter sections and their associated display curves, and on the selection buttons and filter blocks in the filter routing diagrams.

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