FilterFreak & Phase Mistress full review

Fed up with vintage effects? Looking for something new? SoundToys has recently released the cutely named FilterFreak1 and 2 and PhaseMistress plug-ins for Pro Tools TDM systems. One of FilterFreak’s coolest features is its ability to synchronize its sweep to the tempo and downbeat in your music. This opens up a new world of creative filtering options, especially when you get two different types of filters dancing and sweeping in different directions with different patterns and with different sounds. Some of the most popular phasers over the years have included the old Univox Univibe, MXR Phase 90, Electro-Harmonix Small-Stone, Eventide Instant Phaser and the Mutron Bi-Phase, which had two distinct phasers in one box. PhaseMistress lets you pick any number of stages between two and 24 – including all odd numbers, so you can recreate the sound of just about any previous phaser, or create entirely new phasing sounds. FilterFreak and PhaseMistress share a common library of user-customizable modulation rhythms and LFO waveshapes, so you can create a sweep shape or modulation in FilterFreak or PhaseMistress and call it up from either plug-in. The interfaces on these plug-ins have lots in common, with controls for filter Frequency and Resonance, wet/dry Mix, Modulation amount, and Input and Output level. Additional controls for LFO, Rhythm, Envelope, Random, Step and ADSR are displayed in a separate area in the window according to which of these has been selected using the pop-up menu. This is a neat way of avoiding the need for a large window for the plug-in. A toggle switch engages Analog mode so that the sound will saturate in a similar way to real analogue gear. To minimize the DSP load, use FilterFreak1 instead of FilterFreak2 if you only need one band of filtering, commit the effect to disk by using AudioSuite or by bouncing to disk, and use Digital mode instead of Analog if possible.
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