AccountEdge 2010 full review

AccountEdge 2010 offers several small but useful new features, building on the foundation of what is already an excellent small business accounting application.

While AccountEdge retains the easy-to-use flowchart interface it’s had for years, that interface has been spruced up with crisper text, improved button icons, and a Command Centre window that can now be properly resized while buttons and text move and resize with it. A clever new feature is found in the New Sale window; click the Profit Analysis button and you get an instant look at how much money you’ll make on each sale or any single item you’re selling.

AccountEdge 2010 offers significantly improved form-editing tools, making it easier to create and customise forms and reports. Form creation still isn’t as easy to use as basic page-layout programs such as Apple’s Pages, but it’s a huge improvement on earlier versions.

One final major improvement is Business Insights, a tool that provides a graphical view of your company’s operating and gross profit margins, helping to give you a deeper understanding of how your business is faring.

Depending on your needs, AccountEdge is available in three separate versions: AccountEdge, AccountEdge Plus, and AccountEdge Plus Network Edition. The only difference between the two latter versions is that the network addition can be used over a network with multiple users making use of AccountEdge simultaneously. The basic version is limited in that it’s incapable of handling multiple currencies for sales, purchases and banking transactions, doesn’t have as many options for tracking and differentiating between inventory items, has limited payroll options, and offers no tools for tracking and billing for time.

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