Business Accountz Enterprise full review

Bookkeeping is a necessary evil for anybody running a business. While you could use an accountant this can be expensive, especially if, as a growing business, the nature of your purchases and sales change on a daily basis.

Business Accountz Enterprise is designed for the developing business, and has a stated aim of allowing the user to manage their business without complications. It works around the principle of double-entry accounting but hides the complexity in a series of tables behind the user interface, although you can view them if you wish.

The manual provides instructions for all three versions of Business Accountz (Basic, Professional and Enterprise). While it’s easy for users of Business Accountz Enterprise to follow we would liked to have seen a clearer indication of which sections do not apply to users of the other programs.

Aside from this little niggle, the manual is extremely well written. Each section explains in detail how to make the most of each function. There’s even a basic overview of accounting towards the rear of the book.

Business Accountz is structured around a number of tables – for sales, purchases, suppliers and transfers between accounts – which allow you to keep track of essentially everything likely to happen – money coming in, money moving around, and money being spent. These tables also enable you to produce very detailed reports relating to account activity. You can perform simple functions such as credit control too, which is amendable subject to your judgement of a customer’s financial position.

Invoices, purchase orders, statements, etc, can be customised in terms of their look, feel and content with your own logo and design applied.

Business Accountz has support for multiple languages and, optionally, multiple currencies (via an upgrade available online). This could enable you to carry out your transactions in multiple countries online and to keep track properly of the income coming in.

The lack of integrated payroll support for larger business has recently been addressed via a partnership with PayRoo Ltd. The company is also working on Sage data import as well as stock control for the future.

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