Business Accountz Enterprise full review

Since we last looked at Business Accountz Enterprise a couple of years ago, a lot of work has gone into a system of add-on modules, allowing the user to expand the functionality of the package as needed.

So, if you run more than one company, and need separate sets of accounts, you can buy an ‘extra company’ licence. For Business Accountz Basic this costs £49, whereas for the Professional and Enterprise versions it’s £99.

With the Budgeting and Forecasting module you can generate budget, forecast and year-to-date reports at the click of a button, with the added benefit of being able to run year-on-year comparisons. Adding the Management Reports module allow you to compare the current year to the previous year; and to simulate a year end so as to gain an idea of your current financial standing when compared to the previous year’s trading.

The Product Management module brings full stock management to Business Accountz. You can track stock items from quote to purchase. You can apply barcodes, references and prices against items, and track a running value for the items held. The last new module is Project Management, allowing you to track how well a particular project is performing from a financial perspective. The whole package works well and is very easy to use.

Quickly gain control over items you have in stock through the Product Management section

The emphasis within Business Accountz is still on making the subject accessible. However, you can activate ‘accountant lingo’ and change column headers from, From/To to Debit/Credit, if you wish. The only disappointment was that still uses an external provider for its Payroll solution: depending on a third party for a key function of the software is not ideal.

The support materials for Business Accountz are second to none; worked examples, videos and forum-based support are all available for free. After a month, telephone support is chargeable via a maintenance contract; but prices are reasonable and scaled depending upon which Business Accountz product you have.

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