iBank 4 full review

iBank 4.1 is a powerful yet simple personal and small business finance application that offers a useful set of features. At a time when many bank transactions take place online, there’s one feature that stands out.

iBank’s Web Download feature enables you to log into your bank’s online banking site and import your transactions. Once you set this feature up, all you need to do is select the account from your accounts list and press iBank’s Web Download button. iBank then opens the appropriate web banking page where you log in and select the transactions that you’d like to download. Once the download begins iBank automatically imports your banking data. We found this feature easy to use and a big improvement over the multi-step import process you might need to go through with other banking applications.

When it comes to manually entering transactions, you simply hit a button to add a new transaction and then enter details into a form. If you’ve already entered a transaction from a particular vendor, iBank will automatically fill in the details from the last transaction.

iBank 4 also adds a budgeting feature that helps you keep an eye on tight purse strings. For each budget item you create, iBank sets up a new ‘envelope’. When you receive income iBank distributes that income into each of the envelopes. When you spend money iBank pulls that money out of the envelope. If you overspend in one area you can borrow money from one envelope and put it in another. It’s a great way to track your spending.

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