iBank 4.6 full review

For many manufacturers, the Mac hasn't been an ideal home for personal finance software, either shunning the platform completely or offering applications lacking the depth and features found in PC equivalents. Makers IGG have set out to change that perception with iBank, a Mac only money management application, most recently available as a 4.6 update. iBank lets users import data from Quicken, Microsoft Money and others or alternatively start from scratch by creating a new document within an interface that includes a source list on the left and tool bar at the top of the workspace. 

Unfussy and intuitive, it makes relatively light work of tracking your finances, including the ability to download and collate banking data from your online accounts. For those institutions that don't support downloading of data, iBank comes with a built-in browser. Users can create reports covering account balances, spending categories, investments and the like, with the ability to drill down on elements of those reports should you need more information.


While we can't pretend to be longtime users of any particular accounting package, it's clear from user feedback online and on the App Store that iBank falls short for some users, particularly those migrating from competing or now defunct software. Former Quicken users appear especially aggrieved; cleaning up glitches from imported data while lamenting lost features. It's worth noting here that while iBank is available directly via the Apple App Store, a 30-day trial with support is also available directly from IGG to test drive and see if it's the right personal finance application for you. 


Additionally, IGG offers useful apps - iBank for iPad and iBank Mobile for iPhone - sold separately, which sync with the desktop version so you can keep track of your finances on the go. The latest 4.6 update includes improved syncing between desktop and mobile, support for those lucky enough to have a Retina display and various enhancements and fixes.

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