MYOB Accounting Plus 16 full review

For several years, MYOB’s Accounting Plus has been the most comprehensive accounting program available for Mac-using small and mid-size businesses. It offers an extensive set of accounting tools, as well as payroll options, time-billing, and credit-card processing features. Accounting Plus 16 includes Universal support and offers a few new features, as well as updates to existing tools.

The biggest update to Accounting Plus is Universal support. While this marks a significant change to the application, it’s not the kind of change you’re likely to notice as you work with the application from day to day.

The ability to sync contacts between Apple’s Address Book and Accounting Plus is welcome, but this feature is currently a bit cumbersome. If you’re new to the program, there’s no easy way to import contacts from Address Book into Accounting Plus – it only syncs one way, from contacts created in Accounting Plus to Address Book, which is annoying.

Among the program’s other new features are the ability to more easily undo bank reconciliations and the inclusion of more OfficeLink documents (Microsoft Office templates that can be personalised with data taken from your Accounting Plus contact information). Included in this collection are forms for credit applications, collection and discount letters, ‘Special Offer’ letters, and mailing labels. You access these templates from within Accounting Plus and then edit them in, for example, Microsoft Word. A shortcoming to this feature is that if you don’t already have Office open and you use Office’s Project Gallery, the automation feature doesn’t work. However, this problem can be resolved by either making sure that Office is already open or by turning off the Project Gallery feature in Office’s preferences.

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