Stox full review

One of the less lauded effects of the web has been the growth in people playing the stock exchange. While you still need a broker to buy stocks on your behalf, you can now track the ebb and flow of the financial tides in real time, online. Stox takes this information and makes it easy to track, analyse and act upon.

While there are websites that do a similar job, the major selling point of Stox is that it does everything you need in one robustly functional window. When you first start the application you are invited to set up a portfolio. This contains a set of stocks you want to track. Choose stocks you own, stocks your want to own or put together a portfolio tracking companies you’re are curious about. The software lets your assemble as many portfolios as you like, so you could do all three.

Once it knows the stocks you are interested in, the application feeds you a steady flow of information about them. You can track their performance over time using charts and tables, make your own notes about a stock, or compare them.

As well as this specific information, you get a constantly updating news ticker that keeps you in touch with the state of the market.

But the most powerful feature is the ability to enter your own transactions. As stocks fluctuate, you can see the real-time value of your shares in them, expressed in chart form. An overview section gives you the lowdown on the portfolio’s performance.

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