Amazingly, in this age of massive hard drives, people still run out of space. I have a 40GB drive in my Mac – but the other day was shocked to find it full. Box Clever has come up with a dual-hard-drive solution that will expand with your storage needs. The enclosure for the Remix Pro is a brushed-aluminium-effect box with a clear polycarbonate front panel. It’s quite bulky, but the colour scheme goes well with the Mac, despite being rather more angular. There’s a push-button on the front to turn-on the power, and firing it up sparks numerous LEDs and strips into action. This is a dual-drive box, with each unit being lockable. When the key is turned, the drive has a glowing blue strip across the handle, and a green activity LED. The unit connects to a Mac via FireWire, and our tests showed that a transfer speed of around 20MB/sec is achievable. This might not sound like much, but that’s because most figures quoting disk speeds are theoretical top speeds. However, compared to the portable FireWire drives tested in the April issue of Macworld (page 81) it’s at least 50 per cent faster than the fastest on test – and more than twice the speed of others. So, performance is great, but you should be able to squeeze even more out of this unit by formatting the drives as a RAID array. Unfortunately, the Apple formatting software only supports RAID on SCSI drives; so you’d need third-party software to use the Remix Pro in a RAID configuration. Box Clever plans to search-out software to offer RAID software in the future, but as we go to press, the Remix Pro is relying on the Apple formatting application. There are tons of possible applications for the Remix Pro. The removable drive-bays are great for keeping projects with big files safe. Audio, video, and graphics-studios are able to keep project files separate from each other by buying additional drives. These will cost £125 for a 60GB drive, £149 for an 80GB model, and £199 for a 120GB drive. Distributor Mac and More says that, because hard-disk prices are quite volatile, prices are likely to change at short-notice. Luckily, the change is normally in the buyer’s favour, as prices continually fall.If the benefits of having dual drives aren’t for you, Box Clever also offers the Remix Semi Pro, a single removable hard disk. It has essentially the same guts as the Pro, but with a single bay. It also lacks the spiffy case, using a slightly older – but still quite attractive – design.
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