Flabby-file slimmer


Gluon has been developing publishing and multimedia tools for over 10 years. The current range cater particularly for real-world needs, the two reviewed here can knock hours of the production process. DocuSlim
Production departments often have an image scanned at 300 dots-per-inch and placed on an XPress page at 50 per cent size, zoomed in to the centre part of the picture. When the project has to be sent to another place, perhaps a repro house, the resulting file is much larger than needs be. The image can be down-sampled to 225dpi, cropped to the area used on the page and reduced so that it is placed at 100 per cent in Quark. Using a Photoshop plug-in and Action set in the background, DocuSlim automates this procedure by optimizing files in a number of ways. First it crops the excess from a picture, allowing for a user-settable area of bleed. Then it resamples to a resolution setting, resizes the image and re-imports it at 100 per cent. DocuSlim can also convert an image from RGB to CMYK. All edited images can be saved with a custom extender. XPressImage Pro
Often Quark pages need to be saved in a graphic format, perhaps for proofing to a client, or placing a low-resolution version on a Web site. XPressImage Pro can export a document or selections from one in 15 main bitmap formats such as JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PDF and EPS. It also handles vector EPS images, including PC and DCS 2.0 formats, by utilizing a Photoshop plug-in (XPI Rasterizer) and an Action set. XPressImage Pro can even embed PostScript fonts and call up extra Gluon Actions, such as creating fancy frames before the Photoshop rasterization process takes place. Missing pictures can be updated automatically, and the handy preview window shows you exactly what the result will be. To speed up the process, XPressImage Pro boasts a powerful automation feature using “hot” folders. New features in version 4 include HTML Export, save to clipboard for pasting to other applications and the ability to add precise crop marks.
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