FlashTrax full review

I don't often use the word gadget, but this thing is so James Bond, I couldn't help myself. FlashTrax is a 30GB hard drive surrounded by all manner of clever electronics. For starters it can read CompactFlash cards, saving you lugging your Mac on holiday, or buying endless memory cards. The built-in screen lets you view images and create slideshows. Now you don't have to print all your pictures out for granny to see them, or make people look at your snaps online. Simply slip FlashTrax in your pocket, and you can bore friends and relatives any time. You know those movies you can make with your digital stills camera? The .avi files can be played, with sound, on FlashTrax. You can also copy and play MP3 files on it. While it's compatible with USB 1.1 (standard on the Mac), you're advised to invest in a USB 2 card if you're copying large files across.
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