Flickr full review

Flickr Studio organises Flickr photostreams – your own, your contacts’, and the world’s – into browsable arrangements by time and space. Flickr incorporates quite a bit of information about each photo that’s uploaded to the photo-sharing service, including location if the picture was taken with a camera or phone that embeds that information. You can also add location details from the Flickr website for photos that lack latitude and longitude.

Flickr Studio navigates among all this information. The iPad app’s ‘You’ page shows a grid of your photos after you log in, with callouts showing the dates for each batch. Swipe on the page to load the next batch by date, or tap a picture to fill the screen. Those who have paid for an annual Flickr Pro subscription can view photos at the full stored resolution.

Flickr Studio lets you explore easily, too, with tabs for your contacts’ photos, Flickr’s photos of the day, and pictures available from institutions that offer images for viewing and describing. A map mode lets you explore photos anywhere in the world. If you’re viewing pictures and switch into the map mode tiny thumbnails cluster around where those photos were taken.

Map mode lets you explore photos around you or anywhere in the world

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