Font Doctor full review

Font Doctor is a utility you don’t want to have to use. But when your fonts are acting funky or are scattered across your hard drive in disarray, then Font Doctor 6 becomes your best friend.

It not only repairs corrupt fonts and organizes them into neat folders, but also converts Windows fonts to Mac fonts, and vice versa. Now sporting a faster and simpler interface, Font Doctor, which has been updated for Panther, is a great complement to full-featured font-activation applications such as Suitcase, which bundles Font Doctor. The $20 upgrade
price certainly makes it worthwhile for current users.

If you’re already using a font-activation program such as FontAgent Pro or Font Reserve, some Font Doctor features will seem redundant. For instance, font previews are in both of those applications. But when it comes to fonts, you can never have too many previews.

Font Doctor 6’s organizational function is fast. Depending on how many fonts reside on your system, the time needed to put them all into neat, alphabetically ordered folders will vary. Font Doctor preserves Extensis Suitcase databases, so users don’t have to worry about having to redo all of their customized font sets.

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