FontIncluder 2 full review

It probably happens a thousand times a day around the world; it’s almost certainly happened to you more times than you can remember: you send a document to a client, or you receive a document from a designer and somebody, somewhere in the chain doesn’t have the correct fonts. The most common solution is to supply a copy of the typefaces with the document, a solution that is almost certainly illegal since font licences usually exclude that approach. A legal method is to use font embedding in applications like XPress, but the resulting PostScript files are print-only formats that cannot be viewed on screen. Nor can they be placed on a page within XPress itself. FontIncluder provides a perfect workaround to the problem by legally embedding fonts within any PostScript, EPS or DCS files. Furthermore, it handles TrueType and Type 1 fonts, as well as the more usual PostScript Type 3 typefaces, and it allows you to embed PC fonts in Mac files, and vice versa. The software is simple to install and to use, and provides a few welcome minor features such as control over whether to embed the near-universal typefaces like Times, Helvetica, Courier,Symbol, Avant Garde, Palatino, and so on. For larger operations running multiple networked design and pre-press workstations, Callas offers FontIncluder Pro Server, which adds a number of enhanced functions to speed workflow and automate the embedding process. By designating input and output folders on the server, any PostScript, EPS or DCS files placed in the target folder can be automatically processed for font embedding and then passed to the output folder. Although the stand-alone FontIncluder 2 can be similarly automated using AppleScript on Macintosh or command-line batch processing under Windows, the Pro Server version can be set up in minutes and is a low-cost, off-the-shelf solution.
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